Among Us Is Coming To Xbox, PlayStation, And Xbox Game Pass On December 14th

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In the first half of September 2020, the game was downloaded almost 42 million times. Among Us was released by three-person studio InnerSloth in 2018, but it surged in popularity in mid-2020 after popular Twitch streamers became hooked on the murder-mystery title. The game assigns players the role of either a “Crewmate” who needs to complete tasks while avoiding being killed or the “Imposter” whose goal it is to kill the crew. As in the actual Among Us, you can change a number of settings before you start a game, including how many impostors there are, how fast the characters move and how many tasks the crewmates have to complete. You can adjust the cooldown length for kills and calling emergency meetings too. Each game can have anywhere between four and 10 players, so if your child decides to play in a public game online, they’ll likely be playing with people they don’t know.

From the games to the anime, cards and toys, they eat, sleep, and breathe all things PokГ©mon. You can check out their many PokГ©mon Go and PokГ©mon Sword and Shield guides and coverage here on iMore. If the idea of a co-op, cartoonish dungeon crawler sounds appealing, Next Up Hero might be just the game you’re looking for. Featuring several heroes in chibi-style artwork, massive monster bosses, and a colorful map, you can work together with friends on the Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac.

  • Amogus isn’t funny for any reason beyond a misspelled word and a photoshopped shape that kind of looks like a crewmate, but it’s different.
  • All the sponsorship money is, again, distributed 100 percent equally amongst all teams.
  • Now, this indie juggernaut is getting ready to do its tasks on the PlayStation, and we may finally have a release date.
  • As of this writing, InnerSloth’s website only lists three people working for the company, and they all wear several hats .

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We tested the same hypothesis in a sample of youth who were admitted to a psychiatric inpatient unit for severe clinical distress. Adolescents’ friendships with others who engaged in NSSI were related to increases in adolescents’ own engagement in NSSI over time. In fact, our research findings revealed support for two basic tenets of peer influence research, referred to as selection and socialization effects.

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You see the shape, your brain instantly sees a crewmate and you feel as though you’re going insane. Amogus represents the start of the Among Us final stage in the devolution of Among Us memes. Amogus, a simple misspelling of “Among Us,” first popped up in a version of a Stone Toss comic photoshopped to feature a crewmate from the game. First, we saw an endless slew of memes playing off the game’s gameplay mechanics and the community that was quickly building around it.

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